The mporium Partnership Programme

Current Partners

At mporium, we look for technology partners within the e-commerce space. Our aim is to build trusted and complementary partnerships that are beneficial to everyone involved. These are some of the companies we currently work with:


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By joining the mporium Partnership Programme, you can offer your clients a cost-effective mobile solution with minimal effort required from you. Catapult your clients into the mobile commerce world!

Here are just a few reasons to join the mporium partnership programme:

Game-Changing Mobile Solution

As an mporium partner, you will redefine your clients’ mobile solution. We aim to build a trusted partnership and provide cost-effective mobile solutions for your clients, which will lead to increased revenue via mobile.

Future-Proof Technology

The entire m-commerce market is moving fast and constantly evolving, meaning merchants need to make continual investments to stay ahead of the curve. Our solutions future-proof your clients’ m-commerce strategy and ensure they stay up to date with new developments.

Market-Leading Specialist Solution

mporium is a market-leading mobile specialist, with a deep understanding of m-commerce. As partners we can help your clients increase conversion rates and ROI from mobile. With our innovative mobile solution, we will ensure that visitors have a positive experience on the merchant’s mobile site, allowing your clients to turn mobile browsers into shoppers. As a partner we do everything possible to ensure that any clients you refer will benefit from our solution.

Technical Support

From design and launch to management and maintenance, you can trust us to look after each of your clients’ entire mobile channel. By doing this we allow them to focus on their business with peace of mind, knowing that their mobile operation is in good hands.

Retain Clients

As an mporium partner, you can provide value to your clients and their customers, with a solution that will help them capitalise on the market trend of shoppers going mobile. Ultimately, our mobile commerce solution can achieve higher conversions and revenue for merchants which will allow you to retain clients longer.

Save Time And Effort

Partnering with mporium will allow you and your clients to focus on your core competencies, while we handle the mobile side of things so you don’t have to, saving you and your clients time, money and effort.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenditure

An mporium partnership allows you to keep costs low; we offer a competitive revenue-share model so there is no capital expense initially. The risk is reduced by only growing in line with ROI.

Safe & Secure

With an mporium partnership, you and your clients are in safe hands. Our customers include some of the biggest names in retail and e-commerce. With our mobile commerce solution, you can rest assured your clients’ mobile commerce needs will be taken care of.