About Mporium

About Mporium

The Smartphone Revolution

Mporium is a “mobile native” technology company at the forefront of the smartphone revolution which is transforming mobile commerce and digital marketing.

Mporium’s technology enables brands, and the media agencies that serve them, to achieve better outcomes from digital advertising campaigns.  Our patent pending technology delivers superior outcomes across all digital channels on all devices.  Uniquely, Mporium uses highly innovative proprietary technology to achieve successful digital advertising campaigns on mobile devices, from brand advertising to direct response.

Mobile as an advertising platform has proved challenging to both brands and media agencies.  In a world where the majority of traffic comes from smartphones, brands and media agencies urgently need a solution to this challenge: A challenge that Mporium is uniquely positioned to address.

The business benefits are increased relevance for brands’ audiences and superior consumer engagement. These benefits are achieved through the systematic and precise targeting of digital advertising campaigns, which are synchronised in real-time with the events that drive consumer engagement: The events that Google refers to as “micro-moments”.

Based in the United Kingdom, Mporium Group has worked with some of the most prestigious media agencies and brands.

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