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Insights and Inspiration

Three reasons why live sports are a goldmine for marketeers

If three quarters of live sports viewers are watching with a smartphone, is your brand connecting with them online? How can you make the most of this opportunity?

Live sports are a goldmine for marketeers. They attract huge audiences, they’re much better enjoyed live and they have high levels of linear TV consumption. No one wants to miss the match and the FOMO is huge. This combination of urgency and scale is a dream. They’re a perfect storm in the battle to connect brand message with audience intent.

The rules of the game have changed. There are now more options for your brand to connect than ever before, in spite of the irony that it’s never been easier for your audience to switch off or look away.

Here’s a basic menu to whet your appetite, tailored to your goals:

  • Using the urgency of the sports play to drive conversions: Great for products that are time sensitive (such as streaming subscription service, fast food delivery, or any special offers).
  • Piggybacking off the positive sentiment to build brand awareness: Great for inserting your brand into the conversation at the moments of peak emotion. The Key here is creating a strong brand association – is your brand being worn by the sports players? Can you link your snack bar to refuelling after playing sports? Can you use humour to link play to your product in a way that builds goodwill?
  • Amplifying your event sponsorship: So, you’re already a sponsor. Maybe you’re sponsoring the entire event, or a player, or the stadium. Maximise the impact of your sponsorship by synchronising your online advertising with the most exciting and stimulating in-game moments. If your chief competitor is a sponsor you could equally jump on the traffic they have paid for by synching with their ads.

Sports equals passion. These are emotive, memorable events with big highs and lows: we’re talking pride, glory, champions being crowned, history being made. This summer of sports includes two world cups – Rugby in Japan and Cricket in the UK as well as the annual smorgasbord of Wimbledon, golf majors including the The Open and US PGA and The Ashes for cricket fans.

Creative is King and Queen

The most important factor for driving sales is actually great quality creative: it’s more important than targeting, recency, reach, and brand combined, according to Nielsen. Great creative sparks reaction, elicits an emotional response and awakens consumer consciousness.

Whether you’re going for conversions or brand awareness, automating your campaign frees up time to focus on making great creative.

But great creative alone isn’t enough. The very best creative, served at the wrong moments can be wasteful or even dangerous; it risks being ignored, or even irritating your audience.

That’s why creative synching (where brands create and serve creative tailored to specific scenarios) is a powerful way to shape your message to the sporting event and maximise fan engagement. For example, BA successfully tailored their search ads to the world cup – promoting their destinations according to which team was playing.

Sound interesting?

For each brand campaign, we’ll look at the sporting ‘moments’ driving your audiences to engage online. We select moments with the highest correlation to your campaign objectives, across search, social or display. Then we pre-select the very best advertising actions, automating your campaign in real-time. We use machine learning to continually optimise your campaign as it runs, making your ad spend work harder!

You get more space to spend on your creative.

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