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Calling all display advertisers: Why cookie data alone just isn’t enough

It’s getting harder for brands to optimise their programmatic advertising to compete effectively because they need a constant supply of fresh cookie data to target their ads to their audiences. But this cookie data becomes redundant faster than the speed of light, and it’s also expensive and time-consuming to keep buying!

Why cookie data isn’t necessarily the best data

If you’re buying cookie data you’re likely targeting a lot of the same users as your competitors. If every media player is bidding to access the same inventory, often with similar data, of course it’s going to be tricky for you to achieve stand out.

And even the best cookie data can’t tell advertisers when to time their ads to achieve the best outcomes and return on ad spend. It’s no surprise that display ads are often served when consumers are completely uninterested.

Are you targeting your audience at the right time, in the right context?

What if brands could target their audiences in a different way? What if they could show display ads in the moments the audience were most receptive to their ad? Instead of manually programming display ads at future moments in time, what about deploying these ads instantly, in response to a peak in intent / receptivity? So if you’re an automotive advertiser, a big chunk of your audience will be most receptive when Top Gear has just mentioned your brand for example.

Keeping this audience receptiveness top of mind, helps advertisers to maximise the effectiveness of their ads. For display advertisers looking to connect with their consumers, instead of ‘filtering’ just by cookie data, it’s possible to filter by intent now too, by incorporating data from consumer stimuli.

How to know when your consumers are most receptive

Your audience is going to be more receptive if you advertise when they are ready to listen. This means using what we call ‘signals’; sources that trigger interest, intent or just make your audience receptive to your brand. These could be TV Ads, TV content, Online News, Weather, or anything that can be measured! Receptivity is a fickle thing, which is why we work with real-time data from these signals.

Simply by layering this signal data with cookie data, we help our display clients to achieve greater accuracy with their targeting. It’s more effective and cost-efficient to combine the two.

It’s all about understanding consumer behaviour

In this way we help brands to better understand consumer behaviour, so that they can target more effectively. Syncing display ads with moments of peak receptivity not only enables advertisers to make their ads more relevant to their audience but allows them to optimise ad spend.

In short, they know when to advertiser, when to bid up and when to bid down. They experience better performance through enhanced cut through, better scalability and better value for their ad spend.

Which advertiser doesn’t want to make their ads more precise by knowing when consumers are most likely to be receptive and interested in their ads?

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