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mporium insights enables you to increase your profitability through improved online performance. Start using it free today!

mCommerce will overtake eCommerce in the next few years

Convert mobile browsing into purchases with real-time customer interaction

By 2018, the mCommerce market will grow to $600bn

Increase your share of the market using actionable customer insights

The majority of TV viewing occurs when people are accessing a mobile device

Monetise customer activity on the second screen in a revolutionary way

Grow Revenue with Actionable Insights

You focus on your business, we provide you with the insights that allow you to optimise it

mporium insights

mporium insights enables you to increase your profitability through improved online performance

  • Ease of Use
    Powerful analytics that are easy to install and to use, available for Shopify stores now
  • Customer Segmentation
    Explore the characteristics that your customers share
  • Real-Time Customer Data
    Understand what customers are visiting your store, in real-time
  • Trend Based Web Traffic Reporting
    Understand how your store’s traffic is changing over time
  • Product Explore
    Analyse which products are performing and which require action
  • Customer Explore
    Use online customer activity to determine the actions required to increase purchases

mporium insights roadmap

Over the coming months, we will be enhancing mporium insights with further enterprise level functionality

  • Intelligent Notifications 
    Real-time updates on important events that occur in your store
  • Customer Journey Analysis
    Ensure that your customers experience the optimal online journey
  • Online Conversion Optimisation
    Increase conversions by understanding and adjusting the conversion funnel
  • Cross Platform Support
    Our products will extend beyond Shopify to other major e-Commerce platforms

Coming Soon...

  • Second Screening
    Monetise the millions of online interactions that occur when people access mobile devices while watching TV

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